Maternity, Birth, & Newborn Photographer Scottsdale – Vada

Newborn Photographer Scottsdale – Vada

Oh Vada – first of all, she’s stinkin’ ADORABLE. But, let’s talk about this journey! & excuse the overload of pictures in this post, but I have to share them all. 🙂

We did momma’s maternity pictures the first week of January; a few weeks after that I was on-call for their birth session. One week passed, two weeks, then we were like a week and a half past mom’s due date and I totally thought they just never called me when it was birth time. Oh no, Vada was still taking her sweet sweet time.

So at 42 weeks, mom let me know they were going to start the induction process for an all natural birth – so I was on standby thinking it would be time to go within the next couple hours. Nope, wrong again. Mom labored for like 30+ HOURS med-free with still no sign of baby. She was then transferred to the hospital to get an epidural where she labored another like 6 hours – at which point was determined she would need a c-section. Thankfully the hospital staff fought to get me into the OR, with some restrictions. But that’s okay, I’d take what I could get!

After a safe delivery, we were finally able to setup Vada’s newborn session – where of course, she wanted to be stubborn and not sleep – but eventually she gave in, and was absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations Penrod’s! <3























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